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Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

3:31 PM

Little boy naked


Related article: Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 09:43:41 -0700 From: Stonebugs Subject: Hitching Home to Colorado This is a true story that happened when I littlemutt was a young man, really just a boy. My mother and little russian porno father had divorced and had each remarried the year I turned 18. I lived with my mother in Colorado, but had begged sluty little girls to go spend the Summer break with my dad little cum sluts and his new wife who were living on the Lake O' the Cherokee down in Oklahoma. After an idyllic Summer spent little lupe blowjob swimming and fishing, I decided I needed to get back to Denver to get ready to get back to school. My dad had other ideas. He told me little thumbs sex he wanted me to stay with him and his new wife, and refused to pay for my bus ticket home. Well, not being willing to do that, I waited until an opportunity presented itself, and caught a ride with a man out on the highway who said he was going to Kansas. That ride was the beginning of a lifelong adventure in man to man sex that continues to this day. I hope you enjoy the story and sexual activity, but if you aren't into gay sex, maybe you should seek your pleasures elsewhere. Hitching Home to Colorado There I was, tanned, freckled, tow headed, and, naive, standing in the gathering gloom of evening along the side of the road with my thumb stuck out hitching. I was determined to make my way back home to Denver, but little did I know I was about to gain an experience that would little girl nu change my life. As the last of the sunlight faded from the sky, I saw the headlights of a car coming toward little cum sluts me through the trees around the bend in the road. I shouldered my backpack, and stepped out to the edge of the tarmac and motioned with my thumb. The car slowed, and as it glided past me I saw the face of a man staring at me as he rolled by. A little way down the road, he came to a stop, and after grinding the gear a bit, began to backup toward me again. He pulled to a stop a few feet from where I stood, and I had a brief feeling of fear pass over me as I realized I was about to get into the car of a complete stranger and ask him for a ride. He motioned me over and asked me where I needed to go. I told him I was headed for Denver, and he laughed and said he wasn't going that far, but he'd take me as far as Kansas if I didn't mind talking while we drove. I got in and threw my backpack over into the back seat. He asked me if I wanted a beer. He had a ice chest on the floorboard of the passenger side, which I had avoided by placing my feet on either side of as I got in. I said, sure, but I had never tasted beer before, but didn't want to be a bad guest. I stood six feet tall that Summer, and even though I wasn't very brawny, little pics nude he may have thought I was older than I was because of my size. We talked a little as we drove down the road and drank our beer. He told me he was a salesman and was covering his territory which included parts of Oklahoma and Kansas. He was selling cloth farm women used to make dresses with. dreams littles girls After we had drunk a second beer each, he asked me if I was hungry. When I said I could eat, he said he always stopped at a diner in Vanita, when he was on this road, because he liked their pies. We ate the blue plate meatloaf special and he paid for me without even asking if I could afford to pay for myself. Back in the car, he pointedly asked me little schoolgirl nude how old I was. I guess he'd had a good chance to look at me in the light for the first time. I told him I was old enough to do what I wanted. He sort of threatened to put me out if I was running off from my parents. I told him I was trying to get home rather than running away. We drove in silence for a while, but then he asked me if I had any girl friends. I'd had one or two, but neither of them had been anything special. He reached across the space between us and placed his big hand on my thigh, patting me once in a while. We drove in silence again, for several miles into the dark forests the road wandered little teen puffy through. I noticed he was glancing at me frequently, and that he hadn't taken his hand off my leg. Finally he asked if his hand bothered me. I told him it didn't, and that it sort of felt good. He asked if I'd ever jacked off. I guess I blushed at this and stammered that I had. He asked if I had a big dick. I told him I didn't really know if it was big or not, because I didn't have anything to compare it with. "You want to show it to me?" He asked. "I've seen a lot of dicks in my time, and I can tell you if it's a big one or not." "I don't know if I ought to do that," I said. "I ain't gonna hurt you kid," he said, moving his big hand over onto my crotch. I shivered when he touched me, and leaned back against the door, but I didn't push his hand away. Some how, I was excited by what was happening. He stroked my dick little fuck kids through my jeans, and I felt myself responding to his touch. "You like that; I can tell." He grinned at me, his teeth yellow in the light from the dashboard. "It feels all right." I shrugged, trying to remain nonchalant about the sexual electricity that had begun to course through my body. "I know a place up the road here a ways we can get a room for the night. I'd like to see you without your clothes and maybe play a few games with you if you ain't gonna whop me up side the head or nothin'." I was so sexually turned on by then, that I just nodded my head. It wasn't long before he pulled off the road into a motel parking lot. It was about ten at night, and the office of the motel was closed for the night. He told me to keep my head down, and not to let the clerk see me. He got out and went to the office door, while I slipped down in the seat below the window. I guess it was about then that I realized I was going along with his plan, and was about to have my first sexual encounter. He came back with a key given him by a sleepy clerk, and started the engine again. He drove down the long row of separate little bungalows and pulled up beside the last one in the line. He told me to bring the beer in and got a bag out of little girls body the trunk of the car. He opened the door, and we walked into a musty smelling room that had been closed up too long. He dropped the bag beside the bed, and pointed to a chair in the corner and told me to put the cooler down on it and give him a beer. He took his shirt off, and sat down on the edge of the bed and started untying his shoes and kicking them off. He had a strap style tee shirt on covering his hairy chest. He told me to give him a beer and have one myself. I popped the two cans, and handed him one and took mine to the other chair and sat down and took a sip. He swallowed his in about four gulps, and tossed his can toward the little oval trash can sitting near the door. "You want another one?" I started toward little lupe blowjob the cooler, but he reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. "You ever kiss a guy?" I shook my head, and he put his mouth over mine and I felt his tongue working its way between my teeth and sliding into and around my mouth. I resisted him a little, but the feelings his tongue was creating in me made me soon melt into the kiss, never having felt anything like it before. His big beefy arms surrounded my body, and he ran his hands over my thin teen body setting my nerves tingling. When he broke the kiss, I was shaking and sucking air into my lungs like I'd been under water longer than I could stand it. "Take your clothes off boy." He stood up and pulled his tee shirt off over his head, leaving his broad hairy chest exposed to my view. He reached for his belt, and when I had unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, he had dropped his pants and was sitting back on littlemutt the bed pulling them off one leg at a time. He folded them carefully, and laid back across the bed and put them onto the floor behind the bed. He was left wearing boxer shorts and his white socks. My eyes went to his crotch and I saw the bulge of his cock and balls hidden by the cloth of his boxers. He looked like he was hiding a salami in his shorts. He sat up again, and told me to take my shoes and pants off. I sat down on the chair and pulled my boots off. He nude little photos watched me closely while he kneaded his cock through the cloth of his boxers. I stood and dropped my pants and stepped out of them, draping them over the back of the chair with my shirt. I still had on my cotton briefs, and his eyes were looking at my engorged cock trying to push out above the waistband. He motioned me to come to him, and when I got close, he lifted me up and set me across his legs. He kissed me again, but this time I opened my mouth to let him in. He kissed me for a long time, and laid back across the bed and pulled me up over his now hardening cock. His arms spread their weight down my back, and I felt his hands begin to massage my ass cheeks. My cock was gay little dicks harder than I ever little guests ls remember it being before, and his was growing between us as well. It felt like a fire hose filling with water against my belly. He shoved one hand inside my briefs, and I felt him run a beefy finger across my hole, and I shivered while he tickled me there. "You like that baby?" I just sighed and humped against his hardened bone beneath me. He sat up, bending me over his legs and pulled my briefs off. He tossed them across the room, and then pushed me away from his body to look at my stiff cock. "Pretty nice cock for a boy your age." He reached between my legs and pulled on my balls a little. "Good sized nuts too. Lay down beside me here and let me see you." I rolled off him and put my arms over my head and stretched. My cock throbbed and danced around, and I felt my balls roll in their sack, enjoying the attention he was giving them. I was glassy eyed with anticipation. "What do you think? I looked up at him as he started to let his hands roam over my body again. "About what?" He had picked up my stiff cock in his hand, and was squeezing it slightly. "My dick. Is it big or little?" "I'd say you got yourself a seven incher, and it probably ain't finished growing. Nice big nuts though. They look like the ought to be full of jism." "What's jism?" I hadn't heard the word before. "That white stuff that shoots out when you jack off." "I haven't ever jacked off much," I said, almost in a whisper. "My mother told me it was bad." "Women," he snorted. "They don't know a good thing when they feel it. I give up on women oncet I realized they don't know nothin' about sex. Especially about dicks. nude little pics They don't know nothin"." He stood up suddenly, and pushed his boxers down his thighs and stepped out of them. His big cock fell out sexo little babies and pointed up at his chest. It looked to be about a foot long, and had a pair nude little lady of massive balls hanging down between his legs. "Man!" I muttered at the size of it. "That thing looks like a foot long hot dog at least." "Nah. I wished it was, but it's two inches short `a that." He picked up the big tube of meat and stroked it for me a time or two. The head peeked out from the little boysex forum gathering of skin around it, and I saw a drop of something glistening in the slit that lay hidden there. I reached for it, and he stepped closer so I could feel it. It was hot to the touch, and when I closed my fingers around it I realized I couldn't get them to meet. "Man! That's a big dick." My free hand reached for his massive balls and I lifted them up and rolled them in their skin sack. He sighed and spread his legs a little. "You want to suck it a little for me?" I shook my head. "I don't know how." "Just open your mouth and lick it a little bit. Do what comes naturally." "No," I said. "You might pee in my mouth." "Nah. I wouldn't do that. I might cum in your mouth, but cum tastes better than candy, and you'd like that I know." I licked the fold of skin at the head of his cock, and he told me to strip it back so the head came out. I stroked it for a moment, and the skin slipped behind his flared glans, and stayed there. The big plum-colored head looked the size of a greengage. I examined it carefully, sniffing it and then feeling the texture of the swollen flesh. "Use your tongue a little." nude little lady He pushed it toward my mouth, and I let my tongue slip out and touch the heated surface. It felt smooth and hot. "Lick it baby. Lick it for me." I moved closer, and let my tongue swipe across the slit, tasting the slight bitterness of the glistening drop that oozed out. "Oh yeah," he sighed and ran his right hand through my hair. "Do it kid, suck my cock." I opened my mouth, and tried to put the head inside. My jaw hurt at first, but once the head was forced inside, and he had cupped my neck in his right hand, I started to suck as best I could. He moaned and trembled as he stood there before me as I sat on the bed. The power I felt at being able to make a big grown man moan with sexual pleasure was the best feeling I'd ever had. It made me feel like I was in control of something I never thought I could be. I was just a boy still but I was giving extreme pleasure to a grownup. He started to rock his hips a little, and I felt the shaft of his cock slide into my mouth a bit more. I was producing a lot of spit, and it started to drool out little teen gallery of the sides of my filled mouth. "Suck it babe, suck my dick." He put his free hand behind my head, and pushed my head further onto his shaft. I gagged, and he pulled it out a bit. "Try and relax your throat muscles. I want to shove this all the way down." I tried my best to relax, and he tried once again to shove his cock into little guests ls my throat. I gagged again, and he pulled out again. "Once more baby." He pushed into my throat again, and even though I started gagging, he kept it there, telling me to breathe through my nose, and to try to relax. I struggled for air, and finally realized I was getting enough, and he started to rock his hips again, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. "You're a natural cock sucker boy," he said, and pulled my head hard down onto his stiffness. I gagged, and sobbed around the big tube of flesh down my throat. I struggled a little, thinking he was going to choke me to death. He held my head tight in his hands, and fucked my mouth and throat. I couldn't resist. The massive tube in little girl nu my throat seemed to nude little japan drain my body of its strength. He fucked me like that for what felt like ten minutes before he started shaking and groaning. "I'm `bout ready to blow my wad. You wanna taste of it?" I felt myself nod on his shaft, and after a stroke or two more to the depths of my being, he pulled out until just his big cock head was lodged in my mouth and I felt the first blast of his jism sting the back of my raw throat. I swallowed, and then my mouth was flooded with the thick gooey, and, I realized, tasty stuff he was shooting into my mouth. I swallowed with difficulty, but he was shooting so much into me that it began to dribble out of my mouth. "That's it son, suck that scum down. Tasty ain't it bud." His final shot was thick, and I caught it on my tongue to savor the taste. He pulled his softening cock out of my mouth and dropped to his knees little girls only between mine next to the bed. He dropped his head down over my lap and I felt his hot breath on my stiff cock. I laid back, and pulled a pillow under my head and watched as he delicately licked at my shaft and balls. We laid like that for several minutes with my body beginning to shiver from the feelings he was giving me with his tongue. He massaged my legs, and pushed them up against my chest. His tongue wandered down my ass crack and he dreams littles girls licked my hole with his tongue. "Hey," I said. I might be dirty down there." "Mumph," he said, raising his head. "I like it that way. Tastes good." He went back to what he was doing. After a bit, he licked back up to my cock and took it into his mouth. I nearly shot off at that moment, and groaned my pleasure. I felt a pressure at my hole, and a sharp pain tore through my body causing me to tighten up and wince. "Easy, easy. I'm just going to finger your butt hole." I writhed on the bed under little 3d hentai him, and tried to push his hand away. He persisted with his finger, and gradually I could feel him wiggling it inside me like he was beckoning me with it. The pain faded slowly, and I began to enjoy the feeling. "You feel it boy?" "Uh huh," I groaned, feeling full like I had to take Cute little sayings a dump. He pulled his finger out of me and stuck it into my mouth. "Suck on it kid and get it good and wet." The taste of my own ass juices repulsed me but he didn't care. I let my saliva flow, and he soon had his dripping digit back at my hole. He went back down on my straining cock with his mouth, and suddenly shoved his spit wet sluty little girls finger all the way up my ass. "Nuh uh uh," I stuttered, and twisted on the bed. He began to fuck the big forefinger in and out of my asshole. "Yeah babe," he said in a whisper. "Your ass is made to be fucked." He stroked into me a few more times with the finger, and began to touch something deep inside that was bringing me to the edge. "Ah...ah...unh." I tensed suddenly and he capped my cock with his mouth, and I blew my jism hard into his throat. I opened my eyes and watched as he swallowed several times, sucking my convulsing shaft into his throat between shots of cum. When I was finished, he slowly withdrew, licking my softening cock until it plopped out of his mouth. He crawled up onto the bed and laid down beside me. His big paw of a hand pulled me to him and he kissed little schoolgirl nude me again with his tongue. I tasted a kind of sweetness on his tongue that I realized was my own spunk. I turned on my side and snuggled into his warm masculine body. I could feel his chest hair brushing my back, and his still swollen soft cock nestled in between my cheeks. We must have drifted off to sleep, because sometime later, I felt him slip off the bed and go to the toilet. His strong splash in the water made me hard again. I laid there on my back, listening to the sound as he took a dump, the turds splashing in the water, and the smell drifting into the bedroom. He tore off a length of toilet paper, and after a moment, flushed the toilet. He closed the door of the bathroom and I heard the shower come on. He was humming to himself, but the walls were so thin that it sounded like he was in the same room I was. The shower stopped, and there was silence for a while, but then he came out with the light little angel tpg from the bathroom behind him. He looked like a mountain of a man, and I shivered on the bed with my hard-on between my legs. He lifted his suitcase on to the bed, and popped the locks. He rummaged around in it for a minute then closed it and set it back on the floor. He went back into the bathroom, and I could hear him shaving. I had no idea what time it was, but I figured he was getting ready to hit the road for the day. I wondered if he was going to leave me in the room when he left. A wave of panic swept across me and my cock wilted. He flipped off the light in the toilet, and opened the door. When he sat on the edge of little boy the bed, his weight caused me to roll against his warm buttocks. He reached behind him and placed his hand on my ass cheek and patted it softly. I sat up and leaned across his hairy back, wrapping my arms around his deep chest. He placed his right arm over mine, and squeezed hard. "Time to go kid. You want to stay and sleep?" I reached down between his legs and felt his soft cock. I lifted it up, and cupped his balls with my free hand. littles boys nude "Ooh. You want some more of that before I go?" Without speaking, I started to massage his cock and balls, feeling the thick shaft of meat begin to thicken in my hand. "I guess that means yes." He stood up and turned around to face me. I took his cock head into my mouth and started to suck him up hard. It didn't take him long to come to full attention. He leaned down, and took his cock out of my mouth, and whispered that if he was going to do it again, he wanted to fuck my little russian porno ass. I kissed him again and told him I'd like to try it before he took off. He opened the suit case again, and took a tube of something out. In the dark room, I couldn't tell what it was. He fiddled with it for a moment, and then I felt his hand push me back on the bed. "Raise your legs up babe." I pulled them up to my chest, and he knelt down on his knees, and I felt something cool and slick on my butt. He ran his fingers through what ever it was, and soon was pushing the cream into my hole. He worked his fore finger in me for a bit, and then whispered he was putting a second finger in. The second one hurt a lot, but he worked my hole gently, and gradually I felt it relax and accept little pics nude the finger. little porno russian He squeezed a little more cream on his fingers and warned me he was putting a third one in. I expected a shot of pain, but it didn't hurt at all. "I knew it," he said. "Your ass is made to fuck little buddy." He pushed the fingers into me for several minutes, until I told him I thought I was ready. He stood up, and put his hands behind my knees, and rolled me up on my back. I felt his massive cock fall into the crack of my ass, hard and drooling. little angel tpg He released my right knee for a moment, and skinned his foreskin back exposing his ruddy cock head. I realized there was light in the room from the approaching dawn. He put his hand back on my knee, and told me little lupe blowjob to put his dick into the right spot. I reached through his arms, and positioned the big cock at my hole. He poked me a little, and a thrill went through my body. "You ready for this?" I just grunted and pulled his hard meat toward my hole. He pushed into me, and the pain returned briefly, and my hole resisted his penetration. I gasped, and he withdrew. He squeezed a little more cream on my hole, and put his cock back to my tender opening. He pushed a little harder and his cock head slipped in the goo. I grabbed the shaft and repositioned it properly, and told him to push it in. He grunted, and I felt the massive head opening me up like I'd been doing it all my life. Once he started, he didn't stop until the whole length of his cock was buried in my hole. Once in me, we laid quietly until I felt comfortable with his mass buried in my ass. Gradually, he began little nudes tgp to rock his hips, and almost instantly, the thrill of his cock moving in me caused me to shoot my cum across his chest. Again and again I blew cum into his chest hair. He fucked me harder and harder until the bed was rocking beneath us. I was squealing under him taking his fuck as well as I could. My head felt like he had forced his length up my butt and into my brain. I knew before it was over that this little tits pics would be something I'd spend the rest of my life trying to repeat. He started to shiver and groan after a good ten minutes of fucking and then suddenly went rigid as he shot his load of creamy spunk into my willing ass. He laid down across my body and my own spunk slicked our embrace. We stayed like that for long minutes before he got up and pulled his softening cock out of my well worked hole and stood swaying a little in the dim morning light coming in around the curtains. "Come on kid," he gay little dicks said, pulling me off the bed. I could hardly stand I felt so fucked. "Lets get cleaned up and hit the road. I"m hungry as a hog now, and the best place to eat breakfast is down the road a good piece." I last saw him waving at me as he drove away down the highway headed East from where the West bound traffic would offer me rides to Colorado and home. Night was falling again, when an eighteen wheeler air braked to a stop after it had passed me on the verge of the road. I shouldered my backpack, and trotted toward the truck as the sexy looking young trucker hopped down from his rig and walked toward me scratching his bare hairy chest. He took nude boys little off his beaten up old cow puncher's hat and slicked his stringy blond hair back over his head, replaced it, and struck a James Dean pose, and grinned at me, as I walked up to him. "Say, how old are you kid?" "I"m old enough to do what I want." "Hot damn!" He turned and started back toward the cab of his truck. "Get in here right now," he yelled. little pussy fuck "Denver's a long haul, and I bet we can get ourselves into some hot mischief before we get there tomorrow night."The EndLet me know how you liked my story. I respond to all e-mails.
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